Hello, my name is Charlie and I'm an English native speaker from Melbourne, Australia now currently living in Vienna, Austria. Whilst I have been in Vienna I have taught in numerous schools and kindergartens as an English language teacher.

I have discovered throughout my teaching experiences that the best way to learn is to have fun. I always attempt to make my classes engaging, practical and creative and love to be inventive with the students so that my classes can be adapted to all the learning styles. I also aim to maintain a high level communication and comprehension with the students, teachers and parents so that the high level of teaching standards can be applied and maintained. 

As a person I am very patient, empathetic, responsible, caring and friendly. I am to represent these positive values and share them with my students to ensure that they all develop in the best way possible.

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Promenadeweg 3

1230 Wien

 +43 (1) 888 41 58

 +43 (1) 888 41 58-65

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